Wedding Photographer Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland

Wedding photography is my true passion. Taking photographs has been my hobby for many years, before I managed to build up my confidence and take the step into professional wedding photography. I understand the importance of capturing those unique moments and I have been working really hard to develop necessary skills and qualifications to take responsibility to capture them. Working as a wedding photographer in Scotland is a real privilege as the light and nature create truly special backdrop for any wedding pictures. It doesn’t matter if it I am working as a wedding photographer in Edinburgh, Glasgow or the smallest place in Lothians, the emotions and people are always worth capturing on professional wedding pictures. I am proud to be a guest and witness the beauty of exchanging vows through my lenses.  I always try to capture moments, not to disrupt them and I believe that this is one of the skills any wedding journalist requires to develop. Wedding photography is a name used most commonly but I interchange it with wedding journalism and wedding photojournalism as those names suggest that I am there to capture moments, not to interfere with them. That approach allows me to present you with wedding photo albums and wedding photo CDs packed with wedding pictures that will be enjoyed for years to come and will unite people and evoke emotions that happened on that special day.

I like to travel, to learn and discover and I don’t want to be known only as wedding photographer in Edinburgh. I want to take my camera with me, wherever you require  wedding photography in Scotland.